Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neil Gaiman Facebook Page Critique

As an assignment for my New Media: Writing and Publishing class, I was asked to critique a Facebook page of a published writer based on the best practices covered in our lecture. They are as follows: Does the writer engage the reader? Does the author’s voice sound natural? Is the page maintained regularly? Is the content on the page diverse and interesting? I chose to critique the page of one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman’s page is an excellent example of a writer’s page that follows the best practices when using Facebook. Gaiman appears to be a writer who likes to have a close relationship with his readers. He was one of the few writers I found that actually took the time to comment back to his reader’s comments. That little bit of acknowledgement that the writer is taking an active interest in what is being said on their page and actually reading it goes a long way. It’s nice to be heard. He seems very comfortable in a social network setting and has a lot of fun with it, joking around and sharing things he likes with his readers. His voice comes across as very natural. If it weren’t for posts related to his work, you wouldn’t even know Gaiman was an awarding winning author.
Another thing I noticed that was lacking on other writer’s pages was regular updates. I was pleased to find that Gaiman’s page is regularly maintained and by the author himself. For the most part, he posts comments multiple times per week. This kind of commitment is what will keep readers coming back. Lastly, the content on his page is diverse. While Gaiman does use his page to promote his work, he also spends a lot of time talking about what's going on in his life and posts links and videos about things that interest him that he wants to share. It let’s readers get to know Neil Gaiman the man. If you’re interested in checking out his page here is the link:

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